”Blogi, joka ei kerro sitä samaa mitä muutkin.”

Now to the market square! 💥 (As we Finns like to shout when something exceptionally great has been achieved.)


Throughout the journey, I have been reporting on my international publishing agreement.
Now it’s public 💥 including the publisher. Springer Nature – a top-tier publisher. Familiar to many through academic and scientific publications. A respected publisher with a long history.

This is a major achievement. 🥂 It is for Finnish business literature 🥂 and for Finnish marketing.

An even greater achievement if and when the book becomes a bestseller. The expectations are in that direction. There is no equivalent work in terms of perspective and content in the world.

The book stands out on two levels:
– 💡 it opens up the practical application of market-oriented thinking and strategic marketing expertise
– 💡 the book includes dozens of tools that help products, services, companies, and organizations find and create competitive advantages. Market-oriented competitive advantages that is.

The tools in the book are concretized with thoroughly SME business examples.

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Markku Vierula

Markku Vierula
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